The Power of Facebook

How to Promote Your Business Through Facebook

A company’s presence on Facebook can either be effective or useless. There are ways to ensure that your company’s Facebook page will generate more revenue, donations, traffic or whatever the goal your looking to achieve is.

Image via Thomas Crampton

The first thing to consider is your company’s profile picture. Was it designed by a graphic designer? Is the company logo in the picture? These are all things that need to be considered when starting a company Facebook page. This is the first thing people will look at when they search the company and when they click on that page. First impressions stick, this is why it is so important to have a professional, clear, image for a profile picture.

Communication is key, Engagement is required. A company on Facebook should sound human, not stiff and fake. To engage your audience in your brand, ask them questions, give them exclusive sneak peaks at new products, offer them special savings on product or services. When the audience does respond and talk, talk back to them. You want to promote two-way communication conversation.

Does your company have connections on their Facebook page with other social media outlets? Twitter, Pinterest, Flicker, LinkedIn? Having a link on Facebook to the other social networks your company is on makes it easy for people to follow you on multiple channels. is a good example of a company that is utilizing Facebook to promote their brand. It is an online supplement business and Even though they are an online only company, they still use Facebook and other social sites to promote their products and company. Their profile picture is of their logo and slogan.

Photo via Facebook page

In their profile pictures album, we can see that they also used to have special offers as a profile and other inspirational pictures to influence you to buy workout supplements through them.

Other pictures they have been tagged in or posted in other albums show body building competitions they have sponsored or been at. They also have an album of pictures people posted of where they put a sticker, which included a fish tank,  a computer, a candy machine, and a car, just to name a few. This shows that their audience is interacting with them, which is the point of social media.

To engage their audience in their brand, they frequently ask people questions, like “What kept you from the gym today?” or “Gotta love the smell of BBQ season! What is your very grill item?” Questions get people talking. 2417 people told them why they could not go to the gym that day, and 347 people told them what they were grilling.

They also have special offers for buying supplements through facebook, including an order button right on the Facebook page. That makes it even easier for customers to buy the product, instead of making them go find it themselves on Making it as easy as possible for people to purchase your product or donate to your organization is the best way to increase revenue.

Another way they engage people is posting about events that they are involved in, recipes for low carbohydrate meals, information about body builders sponsored by them and also about the products they have, new and old. Even by posting about products that have been out for a while, it refreshes peoples memories that its available on their webpage. also shares their other social media connections on their Facebook page. They have a twitter account which you can find the information you need to follow them and it shows their tweets. They also have a account. Without even going to, you can see all of their boards and pins. When you click on the pin through Facebook, it will take you to that pin on, then when you click on the pin in pinterest it brings you to that part of the website, nutrition for example, which means that they are also utilizing to promote sales and their brand.

More on using pinterest to promote a business soon to come.

Not only do they connect with other social sites, they connect their followers with their available jobs. By clicking on the Job picture/link, it shows you what the title of the jobs available are and where the job is located, most being in Idaho. There was however a job posting for a EU Marketing Manager in London and a Linux System Engineer in Costa Rica.

Overall, is using their Facebook page to its full capability. Is your business?


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