Manners on Twitter, Not Just the Dinner Table

Already within the first week of MASS 290, I have learned how influential social media is on the consumer market. Web 2.0 changed the game. In web 1.0 the consumer was talked to, where now, with web 2.0, its a 2 way street. The general public is able to give feedback to corporations via blogs, twitter, facebook, and other social media sites.

I learned about twitter and created my own account. I had no idea that there were twitter manners, like saying “thanks for the follow” when someone starts following you, or “Thanks for the RT,” when someone retweets something you posted. Considering that twitter is used by people and companies in a professional manner, it makes sence that people are more polite than they would be on facebook.

I have found though, that some people do not use twitter in a proffesional manner. I think that is also fine, as long as they were not following or being followed by proffesionals in thier career field.

I also found it interesting to know who has the most followers. I find it kind of sad that Lady Gaga has more followers than the New York Times, The Associated Press, and Fox News combined. Since celebrities and news stations have so many followers, statements and events can go viral within a few hours, as we learned with Amazonfail, Motrin Moms, and Rashard Mendenhall. All it takes is one slip up to start a disaster for your publisist or public relations department. At least they are there to pick up the pieces though.

Twitter and the format of web 2.0 allow people to tell companies and other consumers what they like, what they dont like, what they would like to see, and what they dont appreciate. Corporations can then take this into consideration when creating and launching new products.